About Throne Rush Hack

How & Why We Did It

After spending years on Throne Rush we decided that the game is totally not fair towards the newcomers. It's constantly pushing you to buy their stuff to get more dark elixir,gold and gems of course. We all know that some people are willing to spend more on such games as Throne Rush and other won't or do not have the funds for spending of online games. And other users are already using some kind of cheat or hack for Throne Rush so they can become so good at it. Working hacks for Throne Rush are very hard to find indeed although many are promoting fake ones.

For this reason alone we decided to provide our hack tool for Throne Rush for free for everybody. You are able to use it without limitations as much as you want. We would like to remain completely annonymous, so please do not ask us for any credentials. We will also provide more hack tools for different games than Throne Rush in near future, but please do not send use requests! We will go one game at a time and choose games we think are not balanced.